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  Teh-Jelly: Yeet
  seviash: Hey guys!! I hope all is doing well! Does anyone still play dofus anymore? I've been playing on the ECHO server and I just thought of shouting out on here to see if there is any old timers still around :D.
  Guppy-Trap: hopefully everyone is doing fine amidst COVID period :O
  Guppy-Trap: hellu !! it's been a long time and all, been busy, but recently came back, anyone trying the new single account servers?
  Ashash: Add me on steam peeps!
  Ashash: I love the scale of time in this shout box is in 'years'
  Dalandan: Hello Everyone! Keep safe! Miss you all!
  Teh-Jelly: Hi all! Hope you're doing well
  Rock-er: Dofus Retro (1.29) is launching with new servers tomorrow. I'm for sure gonna check it out! Hit me up.
  Rock-er: Guys! does anyone still check this?
  Teh-Jelly: Matt maybe?
  Loveholic (Bullet): It's funny. Seviash and I are in the same guild over at Dodge server, dofus touch. :3 is anyone else playing there?
  Teh-Jelly: (._.)
  Lil-Slash: wow hi
  Teh-Jelly: I don't think anyone logs regularly anymore :(
  Teh-Jelly: Hi Poppy!
  Loveholic (Bullet): How are ya guys? To my surprise DM is still as strong and bonded over the years good to hear :)
  Poppy-seed: time starts now!
  Poppy-seed: when i wait for my dudes to respond
  Poppy-seed: yo
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